Terenzo Hairdressing International

Brand Profile

Terenzo Hairdressing International is synonymous with innovation, excellence and integrity. We are a full-service hair salon dedicated to consistently providing the highest customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and an exclusive atmosphere that is unique to the Terenzo Hairdressing International brand.

We maintain a professional, creative and trendsetting work environment, which constantly inspires ideas and innovation. Our ambition is to constantly evolve and to create new and exciting ventures. We created our brand through hard work and dedication and subsequently built up a brand of epic brand custodians over the years.

  • Our aim is to offer a superior service at every point of contact that you may have with the brand.
  • We constantly cultivate a warm and friendly atmosphere of the highest calibre.
  • We have a very specific ethos when it comes to all facets of hairdressing. Our dedicated team of specialists use the highest quality products and tools.
  • The integrity and beauty of hair is extremely important to us and we take a responsible approach to all the styling we do.